Why Superfan BLDC ceiling fan is
one of the best ceiling fans in India?

  • Offers 260 CMM
    voluminous airflow

    The highest airflow among 48” ceiling fans. Know more!

  • Most efficient BLDC ceiling
    fan motor in the world (IEEE journal)

    Most energy efficient ceiling fan in India (Ministry of Power, India). Know more!

  • Operate ceiling fan
    with remote

    Drop safe and feature rich remote with timer controls and modes. Know more!

  • Eco-conscious design, manufacturing and packaging

    Eco-friendly ceiling fan that avoids 1.5 Kg of CO2 emissions every day. Know more!

  • The True Indian
    BLDC ceiling fan

    Least import content of all BLDC fans. Know more!

  • 70% less heat than induction motor ceiling fans

    Suits interiors with AC and false ceiling. Know more!

  • Save up to
    69% electricity

    25W ceiling fan that saves over Rs.1000 per year. Know more!

  • Best 5 star rated
    ceiling fans

    Service Value ~9. Know more!

  • Ceiling fan with
    5 year warranty

    Superfan is the first to offer 5year warranty (since 2012). Know more!

Most Energy Efficient Appliance of the Year, 2020

Global LEAP Award

Dupont Global Sustainability award, 2015

International Design Awards

CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management, 2015

Time India Award

India Design Mark Award

Appliance Design EID
Excellence in Design

India Innovation Initiative Award

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Ergonomical Remote Control for your convenience

Replace your ceiling fans

With one of the best rated BLDC ceiling fans in India.

Superior technology, performance, comfort and style

Super Q

Super Q Series

Super Q for those who needs a fan for every room

View Model
Super A1

Super A1

Flagship model with complete features

View Model
Super X1

Super X1

Petal shaped blades are effective in work and personal spaces.

View Model
Super V1

Super V1

Long blades are effective in large spaces like halls and classrooms.

View Model
Super X1 Unyc

Super X1 Unyc

Custom patterned blades, hand painted as per request

View Model
Super X1 Deco

Super X1 Deco Series

Designs that embody nature and sustainability.

View Model
Super Prime

Super Prime

Super Prime fans to enhance aesthetics to your rooms

View Model
Super J1

Super J1

Shorter blades suitable for kitchen and balcony

View Model

Superfan’s contribution to
the Indian fan industry

  • First Super Energy efficient ceiling (BLDC) fan
  • First remote integrated ceiling fan
  • First commercial fan with service value > 6.0
  • First fan with wide operating voltage (90 – 300V)
  • First sensor-less BLDC design
  • First regulator operated BLDC fan
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Enhance aesthetic value of your
interiors with Superfan

Beautify your interior design with 10+ vibrant ceiling fan colours

Decorate your spaces with designer ceiling fans of innovative and inspiring blade designs

Powerful motor control drive component for real-time applications.

Eco-friendliness beyond!

  • Superfan practices eco conscious manufacturing, sustainable sourcing, reusable receptacles, energy conscious infrastructure
  • Superfan is the only ceiling fan with plastic free packaging.

Super Savings of Superfan
for you and our nation

One Superfan BLDC ceiling fan can save more than Rs. 1000/- annually, since it can run beyond 40 hours with one unit of electricity.

The savings depend on the usage!

Know your Superfan savings.

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Read to know how Superfans save money for you while a regular fan costs you and the nation in terms of CO2 emissions.

How to select the right ceiling fan?

Here is a detailed ceiling fan selection guide to assist in your ceiling fan shopping. Get advice from ceiling fan experts.

Is postponing bee star rating a piece of good news for customers?

Postponement of BEE star rating revisions for ceiling fans only adds more unclean products. Read to know how it affect the nation.

Let us join together for another battle

Climate change is real and we need to act now. See here to know how your contribution can make a difference.

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^ The values are under standard test conditions. The tolerances of the same comply with the ceiling fan standard IS374:2019.
*An estimated comparison with regular fans (75+W) based on operation at highest speed for 16 hours per day usage @ Rs.6.50 Per Unit.
# The warranty is on the motor only and 5-years is subject to registration of the product with the manufacturer