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Mukund Toke
24 Nov 2015 04.41.34 PM

Yesterday on 24-11-2015 Using my HIOKI 3197 Power Quality Analyzer I carried out measurements on Super fan. I am extremely happy to inform you the results: Knob Settings Power Measured 1 Less Than 10W. Meter did not record Exact Value. 2 Less Than 10W. Meter did not record Exact Value. 3 14 Watts 4 21 Watts 5 32 Watts Let me congratulate you for an excellent product and its performance. Regards Mukund Toke, Prop. DPTS Enterprises, Secretary, The Prerana Energy Professionals' Co-operative Society Ltd. Certified and Accredited Energy Auditor Chairman Arrow Energy Auditors Pvt Ltd Govt Approves Registered Valuer Machinery and Plant Technical Training Expert, Chartered Engineer Shop No.5, Shopping Plaza-B, Rambaug Colony, Paud Road, PUNE - 411 038 Mob: 9423206607/9326413827 E-mail:

Krishna Kanth
21 Sep 2015 04.18.23 PM

I have bought 6 fans for my duplex house. I like the flexibility in colours and I could chose the colour that matches the colour of the room. Remote control option is pretty cool. I would love to see an option to turn-off the light when the fan is in OFF state to avoid brightness in the light during night\\\'s sleep. Overall, an excellent product, worth the money spent !

Ashok Kumar Lal
14 Aug 2015 02.18.30 AM

I bought Superfan A1 online over 1 month ago 4 Nos.and it was couriered to me from Coimbatore to Pune (2 Nos.) and another 2 Nos through AMazon. The fan gives much more air than other fans,More over it is lightweight and energy efficient and the remote control makes it very convenient to change the temperature. Thanks Superfan for the wonderful work and wish you all the best for the future. Remote is small and cute. It will be better if along with the fan remote, wall mounted remote holder is also provided to make it complete Super fan

26 Jun 2015 11.15.16 PM

Let me congratulate the people behind in harnessing technology to a very common product. l was searching for an energy efficient fan and is really disgusted in finding that most of the branded fans are imported from China. They have a very short life. I know, Coimbatore is famous for motors and allied products. Congrates for Coimbatore. I have bought an V1 super fan. In short, it is an excellent product. The 1400mm leaf seems to slag slightly. You try to provide a more sturdy leaf. I highly appreciate your aluminium blades. Remote is small and cute. Provision for hooking is good. Light indication is good. You must promote the product widely by adds on TV and news papers. Wish you great success.

Anil Kumar
07 Jun 2015 09.15.15 PM

We bought a total of 9 A1 fans in August 2013 and we are extremely satisfied with the super performance and the super savings --both energy and money. Investment in superfan has a short payback period! We strongly recommend the Superfan!

Shrikant Bhairavkar
13 May 2015 07.14.45 PM

I ordered two superfan model X1. both are working good very satisfied with the product, since I am planning to make my house energy efficient. This product is really helpful. Thanks Superfan.

Azam Ahmed Masurkar
16 Apr 2015 08.52.36 PM

I bought two superfan A1 one was defective they send me replacement motor now both are working smoothly i found them better than my old fans i am planing purchase 4 more fans

P Arulanandham
16 Apr 2015 01.17.11 PM

I had bought 9 fans more than year back. One of them had a problem in speed control and another one had blistering issues on the blades. On complaining to the dealer Mr Ramesh, they visited and changed the motor of the first one and have promised to change the blades soon. I am happy with the service speed.

14 Apr 2015 03.40.55 AM

I bought SUPER A1/X1 fans from Vadodara distributor last week.such fast delivery & excellent technical guidance from them.

Vishal Sushil Bhuta
10 Apr 2015 08.31.51 PM

I bought Superfan online over 6 months ago and it was couriered to me from Coimbatore to Mumbai. The fan gives much more air than our previous and other fans, is lightweight and energy efficient and the remote control makes it very convenient to change the temperature. Thanks Superfan for the wonderful work and wish you all the best for the future..

Sethuramalingam V
08 Apr 2015 08.30.56 PM

I am extremely pleased with the performance of this fan. Compared to most fans, this fan has a wider coverage area. It easily covers the entire room. This feature is especially useful during summer. Secondly, the remote control makes changing the fan speed at night a breeze. Thirdly and most importantly, the power consumption of this fan is unimaginably low. My power bill has almost halved thanks to this fan. Lastly, the customer service of the company is simply amazing. They promptly responded to a concern of mine. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the fan and I only wish I had heard of this fan much earlier. Moreover, I would wholeheartedly recommend this fan to everyone.

Sathish Chandran R
30 Mar 2015 02.25.34 AM

Bought Super V1 fan and have been using it for the last 2 days. Great product, super quiet and worth buying. In your site V1 fan specification shows power consumption of 38 Watt. But in the package it shows 40 Watt which is correct. Also, it would be better if the Led light matches with the leaf colour.

Anjan Sharma
29 Mar 2015 02.35.32 AM

Excellent product. Recently ordered a few Superfans and they are all working fine. Please don\'t remove the level 1 speed in future revisions just because one person finds it useless. To me level 1 has been most useful with AC. I would suggest a separate button on remote to keep the LED on the fan on or off. If I need to switch off the fan in the middle of the night, its extremely annoying that the LED suddenly turns on and stays on. Please open service centers in Kolkata. As one of the four major metro cities, it deserves a service center. Moreover, people only feel confident of buying something if there\'s a service center in their city. Finally, I would close my comment by saying that you would sell a heck of a lot more if you can just make the pricing a bit more competitive. Currently its out of reach for most people.

Partha Baksi
28 Mar 2015 05.22.02 PM

Got the delivery of Superfan X1 three days back through Gati Courier. Yesterday the installation was done. It is a nice lightweight fan and working very well. Very happy with it.

Dr Mehul Barasara
02 Feb 2015 03.47.51 AM

bought 14 superfan x1 from omkar traders - vadodara. excellent products and super service. recommend others.... 5 start

01 Jan 2015 06.46.16 PM

I feel after installation of super fan 10 days back that It is worth to have energy efficient gadgets in day to day life.Truly I am very much satisfied with the performance of the fan except with the following comments which I feel that make the fan more attractive for a common man like me. 1) A provision to control the fan without remote in case of emergencies like misplacement/Defect of Remote. 2) Instead switching off the light below the fan when it starts, let it change over to the remote position so that the user can identify in which speed it is running or the previous speed position when it is switched Off. 3) The light can also be considered as night light with a provision to switch ON/OFF as per the requirement of the user. Even the cost effectiveness has to thought of expecting such user friendly/attractive features in future supplies

Subash Nair
13 Oct 2014 01.44.42 AM

We have already brought 2 fans and looking to change more of the old fans with Superfan. My only suggestion is that you should have a loyalty point system to incentives more purchase. Also don\'t know why the LED light comes on when we switch off the fan with the remote. Overall a great product, keep it up.

Madan Halde
20 Sep 2014 12.36.57 AM

I Baught a Super V1 Model from Direct Dealer at Nashik on 18.09.2014, I installed it correctly had a little confusion about its start-up. as I mention it on Comment box of Super Fan Company, within 24 Hrs their Service engineer contact me on mobile and solved out my confusion. I am very thankful to the whole team of Super Fan Co. for their great invention and also a very quick service and attention to quarries of costumers. Ones again thank you all SUPER FAN TEAM MEMBERS. and my best wishes are always with you. Thanks. Madan Halde, Nashik 9881736498

Jay Salia
04 Aug 2014 06.21.04 PM

Bought the V1 model and i am using it from past 1+ month and its really awesome , it gives air even in the corner of the room and amazing support from people in Chennai Feels great to have such a Made in India product. Just need a better courier company.

Chetan Haria
31 Jul 2014 09.32.18 PM

Brought X1 few months back. Deliver was a little problem. But the product is fantastic. Thanks to our brothers in South India to take initiative for this product in consumer market.... If the company can open more dealers, this will help us to eliminate our worries about the repair (if ever required)... rest 5* marks... thanks

Sanjay Gupta
30 Jul 2014 05.04.42 PM

Bought Super V1 fan have been using since 1-2 months. Great product super quiet and worth buying. Indeed it is 5 star rated product and will buy some new fans for my new home. Remote needs a proper holder as it tends to get lost on bed. Need good marketing for world class product. Good job and need a dealer at Ahmedabad

Aravind Krishnamani
23 Jul 2014 05.16.38 AM

Purchased and Installed a Superfan Super X1 [with Remote] Model [from i Globe Systems Pvt. Ltd, Chennai on 17/07/2014]. So far so good with excellent air delivery at top speed of 4 & 5. Remote is compact and damn good to operate, illuminative remote keys in dark is one of an attractive feature but additionally some aesthetics need to go into its overall construction to make it more appealing & attractive to its deserving users in terms of its colour and appearance. Overall Superfan is a Perfect Super-Efficient 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan! Hope to see more such new energy efficient high speed models in the Pedestal, Wall Mount, Table and Exhaust Categories thereby catering to wide array of target consumers. On the Marketing front not much effective work being done to reach the target audience the consumers so, favourably urging you the most to reach wider target audience through ad\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s on popular TV channels, dailies, magazines, weekly\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s...[arms of the Media] will definitely make Superfan to be a much sought after reliable fan brandin India. You can rope in more dealers, distributors and electricians by educating and creating awareness about the Superfan\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Energy Efficiency through organising conferences, seminars all over India. Even our own Electrician was not at all aware of this Excellent Super-Efficient Energy Saver Fan. Most of them [Electricians, Dealers & Distributors] go by the Ad\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s popularity among the masses and through compelled insistence of their respective electrical dealers and distributors. So announcing some perks through discounts during important festive days to well-deserved consumers and attractive product sales commissions to the marketing division of the product would ensure that the product will stay on in the market for long. My Expectations on the Service Front of Superfans 1) Effective service through a dedicated service setup. 2) Redressal of Consumer Complaints swiftly by the service personnel. 3) Free Installation and Selective Service Maintenance and Paid Services whole throughout the Warranty Period and post Warranty Period. 4) Deputing more trained and skilled service personnel to look into repairs. 5) Availability of Serviceable Spares round the clock through its dealers and distributors. 6) More Novel ideas to convert the already existing energy draining regular ceiling fan [preferably an out of warranty product - which will still continue to remain among the economically weaker sections of the society by levying nominal service and spare charges, upgrades and irrespective of brand it bears] into a Superfan with unique compatible spares through upgrades (OR) At least striving to provide enough scope in future up-gradations of the currently available models of Superfans in the market more effectively than its competitors. On the Manufacturing Front Instead of dedicated six keys in a normal T1 remote, a newly revamped four button remote can be designed [indicating On/Off Switch, Low, Medium and Fast Mode of Operations may be more suitable and makes itself to be more compact and durable. A solid Rectangular remote with a AA or AAA battery source would be more suitable than CR2025 Button Cell type battery for the Fan Remote.

27 Jun 2014 05.35.39 PM

Thanks for the comment. Superfan remote may appear flimsy and it has been made to be strong and long lasting. Dropping or getting thrown unintentionally it won't break. A holder is on the way.

27 Jun 2014 01.13.41 AM

I had ordered a Superfan V1 model. It took a while to arrive, but after fitting it found that it is an excellent product as it was silent, no motor heating after prolonged use, and also very good air delivery and all this at a fraction of the power consumed by regular fans. Only grudge is construction of Remote is very cheap & flimsy and also it is very small and can be easily misplaced, hence a remote holder to be provided. Otherwise all in all it is a excellent product. It would be a superhit product provided the cost is brought down to below Rs. 3000.

13 Jun 2014 03.12.05 PM

To Mr.Vinay: Thank you for your valuable comment. Yes, it is safe to leave the fan switch-on. Superfan by design is a BLDC Motor sensorless system, so that it needs 1 or 2 seconds depending on where it stopped in the last time.

12 Jun 2014 09.54.01 PM

Test received.

12 Jun 2014 08.23.09 PM


10 Jun 2014 03.31.13 AM

I live near Delhi & after lot of comparision & though bought 3 Superfan (two V1 & one X1) last week quite satisfied & all in family are happy with it performance. Also the colour combination initially looks odd as different from the existing fans, but after installation it look cute :) Have couple of queries:- 1. Is it safe to leave the fan switch-on, but switched-off from remote in case i want to use the fans LED light only? read in comments that it will consume 1.5W 2. When we switch-on the fan it usually takes 1-2 second to start moving. Is it normal? what does it does during this, is it waiting for the switch based speed option? Thanks & Wishes for Success !!

Qamrul Islam
29 May 2014 11.06.11 PM

I must appreciate for the performance of the Superfan, But Mostly in india people don't need remote, Please sell cheaper without remote model online also. Try to be reasonable around 2000 to 2500Rs for Remoteless model

Sunil Sood
23 May 2014 10.02.56 PM

I have installed 3 Superfans in my RENTED flat at Ranchi. I am more than satisfied with these fans and strongly recommend to those who are living in Own homes.

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