Calculate your savings with Superfan

Please fill in the data in the spaces below on your usage of ceiling fans to find how much money Superfan saves by reducing power consumption.

Number of fans Hours/day Tariff Days used/Year
fan hour tariff year
  Fan Speed Low Low Low    
  Bill/Year 1314 4599 11498 Superfan  
  3942 12812 24638 Ordinary fan  
  Savings 2628 8213 13140    
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Superfan - Super Features

  • Energy savings, more than 50% savings, lower electricity bill
  • Remote control, no regulator needed, saves space on switchboard
  • High air delivery
  • Inverter/UPS friendly – Runs twice longer, no extra noise, no speed drop
  • No speed change due to supply variations or low voltage
  • Power factor better than 0.9
  • Service value of more than 6 - more air per watt
  • BLDC Motor runs cool - No heat generated
  • LED Indication for remote operation
  • Attractive colors and designer leaves
  • 5 years warranty


Unique designs. Stylish look.

3 different models


Five Star ratings. Remote Control.

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