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Ceiling Fan - Super J1

Available Colors

Brand: Versa Drives Private Limited
Product Code: J1
Availability: In Stock


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  • J1 has a span of 900mm (36 inches). Useful in small spaces like kitchen, balcony etc
  • Energy savings, more than 56% savings, lower electricity bill
  • Ceiling Fan with Remote control, no regulator needed, saves space on switchboard
  • Ceiling Fan with High speed, high volume of air
  • Ceiling Fan with Consistent speed in low voltage and varying voltage
  • Ceiling Fan with Power factor better than 0.9
  • Service value of more than 6, more air per watt
  • No heat generated by fan motor, cool operation
  • No extra noise during operation from inverter supply
  • More number of fans or more hours of operation with inverter


  • Aluminium die cast body
  • Aluminium leaves
  • Sensor-less design for more reliability
  • Ergonomic design
  • LED Indication for remote operation
  • Feather touch keys
  • Powder coating
  • Green manufacturing (recycled card board box, ROHS electronics, VOC free paint)
  • World-class ball bearings
  • Parts from reputed sources
Ceiling Fan - Super J1
Blade Color TBD
Span 900 mm
Model J1
Series Super J
Rated Frequency 48 to 52
Input Voltage (V ac) 160 - 265
Typical input power (watts) 25
Power Factor Above 0.9
Typical speed (rpm) 420
Motor Non Modular_VC
Speed Control Super T1 (6 key remote) and On/Off switch
Air Delivery 170 cu.metres/min
Number of Leaves 3
Application Balcony, Kitchen & small spaces

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