How Combining Evaporative Cooling and Conductive Cooling Creates an Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly, and Healthier Solution.


The Ultimate Cooling Duo: Superfan and Air Conditioning

Combining the use of air conditioning and ceiling fans, specifically the Superfan, is a smart way to maximize comfort and energy savings. By taking advantage of both evaporative and conductive cooling mechanisms, you can create an energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and healthier cooling solution.

The Science of Cooling: Evaporative and Conductive Cooling

Evaporative Cooling: The Natural Way Your Body Stays Cool

Ceiling fans enhance the body’s natural cooling mechanism by promoting evaporative cooling through increased air circulation. When our body temperature rises, the hypothalamus, a region in the brain responsible for regulating body temperature, triggers the sweat glands to produce sweat, which consists primarily of water and some electrolytes. 

Ceiling fans offer thermal comfort to the occupant by utilizing the phenomenon of evaporative cooling. This cooling effect gives the feel of a lower temperature than the actual temperature of the space around. So, if ceiling fans are used with the ACs, then the set temperature can be higher than the needed comfort temperature and still the occupant can enjoy the thermal comfort that is desirable. 

Conductive Cooling: How Air Conditioners Cool the Air

Air conditioners, on the other hand, cool the occupants by reducing the air temperature, increasing the temperature difference between the air and the skin. This increased temperature difference facilitates faster heat transfer from the skin to the surrounding air, providing cooling relief through conduction. Unlike ceiling fans, air conditioners do not take advantage of the evaporative cooling phenomenon.

The Power of Ceiling Fans: Evaporative Cooling and the Wind Chill Effect

Ceiling Fans: Enhancing the Body’s Natural Cooling Mechanism

As the sweat reaches the skin’s surface, it absorbs heat from the body. This heat transfer allows the body to cool down as the absorbed heat is conducted away from the skin. Evaporative cooling occurs when the sweat evaporates, taking away the heat it has absorbed from the body. During evaporation, high-energy water molecules escape the liquid’s surface and become water vapor, leaving behind cooler sweat. The cooler sweat on the skin surface continues to absorb more heat from the skin, enhancing the cooling effect.

Wind Chill Effect: Feeling Cooler Without Lowering the Room Temperature

Ceiling fans work by increasing air movement around the body. The airflow generated by the fan helps remove the layer of moist, warm air surrounding the skin and replaces it with drier air. This process allows for increased evaporation of sweat, which creates a wind chill effect. The wind chill effect makes the body feel cooler, even if the actual air temperature remains unchanged.

The Advantages of Combining Ceiling Fans and Air Conditioning

Tapping into Both Types of Cooling for Increased Comfort and Energy Savings

By combining the use of air conditioning and ceiling fans, we can tap into both types of cooling mechanisms, lowering energy consumption and increasing comfort. Setting the air conditioner to a moderate temperature, such as 27 degrees Celsius, and using a ceiling fan to create the wind chill effect allows occupants to feel the comfort of a lower perceived temperature, around 24 degrees Celsius, without having to set the air conditioner to that level. Essentially both mechanism (like a hybrid) – evaporative cooling and conductive cooling are utilized to achieve comfort. This approach not only lowers energy consumption but also eliminates the health discomforts associated with setting the air conditioner to lower temperatures.

Eliminating Discomfort and Reducing Energy Consumption with a Smart Setup

It is essential to use a super energy-efficient ceiling fan, like the Superfan, which does not heat up beyond the room temperature due to its motor. Using such a fan prevents the air conditioner from running continuously, which further increases energy savings. A typical setup in this scenario would involve setting the air conditioner to 27 degrees Celsius and the super-efficient ceiling fan to medium or low-medium speed. Increasing the AC temperature setting by 1 degree reduces the energy consumption by at least 5 %, so setting at 27 degrees for a 24 degrees comfort reduces electricity consumption by more than 15%. The electricity consumed by these super energy efficient fans like Superfan would be hardly 15 W at a medium-low speed setting, which is negligible compared to the AC’s consumption.

Superfan: The Energy-Efficient Choice for a Perfect Cooling Combination

Superfan’s Motor: Maintaining Room Temperature and Reducing Energy Usage 

Superfan’s energy-efficient motor ensures that it does not heat up beyond the room temperature, maintaining optimal performance without causing the air conditioner to work harder. This characteristic sets Superfan like fans apart from regular ceiling fans, making it an ideal choice for this perfect cooling combination..

Superfan’s blades: Generating airflow and low pressure and noise

Superfan’s super efficient blades generate high airflow at lower rotational speed, which reduces the pressure generated below the fan and also reduces the noise significantly. Combining the Superfan’s high flow fan models with AC make the comfort efficacy better than any other typical high speed fans they are designed for airflow and not speed.

A Typical Setup: Finding the Right Balance for Maximum Comfort

To achieve the perfect balance of comfort and energy savings, it is crucial to set up your cooling system effectively. Set the air conditioner to 27 degrees Celsius and adjust the Superfan to medium or low-medium speed. This configuration ensures that you experience the cooling benefits of both evaporative and conductive cooling while minimizing energy consumption and eliminating discomfort.


Achieving the Perfect Balance: Superfan and Air Conditioning for an Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly, and Healthier Cooling Solution

By combining the natural evaporative cooling provided by Superfan and the conductive cooling offered by air conditioning, you can achieve an energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and healthier cooling solution. This perfect cooling duo not only enhances comfort but also reduces energy consumption and environmental impact. The key is to find the right balance of settings for both the air conditioner and the Superfan to ensure optimal performance and maximum comfort.