Meet Superfan - India's First BLDC Ceiling Fan and Why It's a Game-Changer!

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How to Choose a Ceiling Fan for Your Room (Space)

Choosing the right ceiling fan is a critical aspect of interior design for energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and aesthetics. The following is a simple guide to describe the key factors and make it easy for anyone to choose the right ceiling fan.

Superfan Spotlight - Award Winning Fans

SUPER X Series

The Super X1 is inspired by a leaf with complementary color choices and won the India Design Mark award in 2017.


SUPER Q Series

It won the Appliance of the Year award in 2021 from the Ministry of Power, Government of India, for being the most efficient ceiling fan in India. At the highest speed setting, Superfan SuperQ consumes 1 unit of electricity in 40 hours, while a normal fan consumes 1 unit of electricity in 13 hours.


Award Collections

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