5 Steps to choosing a next ceiling fan.


Consider the room's length and width to determine the correct ceiling fan span.

There is a simple method to determine the right size (span) and the number of ceiling fans.

1 Measure the dimension of the room or space in terms of length and breadth.

The table shows dimension and corresponding fan sizes.

Smaller Dimension Ft(M) Fan Size inches (MM)
6 (2) 24 (600)
7 to 9 (2 to 2.75) 36 (900)
10 to 12 (3 to 3.75) 48 (1200)
13 to 14 (4 to 4.5) 56 (1400)
15 to 16 (4.75 to 5) 60 (1500)

2 The smaller dimension determines the fan size (span). The size is the diameter of the ceiling fan’s blade sweep.

3 The larger dimension determines the number of fans. When the larger dimension is double the smaller dimension, the number of fans doubles.

The above method is only an indication to cover most of the area in the rectangular space. It is obvious to install the fan such that the airflow covers the frequently used space of the room.


Select a ceiling fan that is appropriate for the room's style, duration of use, and desired level of thermal comfort .

High speed ceiling fans

High speed fans are more convenient for users to cool down in a short duration in open spaces with hot conditions. For example, spaces near hot machinery at factories, kitchen with hot stoves, waiting areas, dining spaces. etc.

There is no harm in using high speed ceiling fans for a shorter duration. But if we intend to stay under a fan for a longer duration, it is better to use a fan that delivers high flow at an optimal speed which provides overall comfort. This type of fan protects you from health discomforts, What happens when we increase the increases efficiency, and minimizes noise.

High flow ceiling fans

These high flow fans are suitable for the spaces where occupants intend to use these fans for longer durations. Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, office spaces, all types of air-conditioned rooms etc., Know more...

High Flow Ceiling Fans & High Speed Ceiling Fans


The BEE star rating indicates the efficiency of the ceiling fan. The efficiency here is denoted by a parameter called service value , which is the ratio between airflow and energy consumed.

The service value determines the number of stars on a scale ranging from 1 to 5 stars as per the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) guideline. Read more on BEE star rating here .

Energy-efficient fans or power-saving ceiling fans use a minimum level of electronic technology to reduce power consumption. They are BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) 5 star rated fans and consume only 50W . They have an electronic step or an electronic fine-tuning regulator. These fans are the outcome of BEE standardization in energy rating for ceiling fans. Even in this case, the large manufacturers took a simple way out by utilizing the lenient tolerances of BEE.

They rehashed the same regular ceiling fan with lower performance in terms of air delivery to bring out the energy-efficient ceiling fan option in their repertoire.

How super energy efficient ceiling fans differ from regular ceiling fans?


We are the first and only ceiling fan manufacturer who gives a 5-year manufacturer warranty in 2013.

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This is important since several well-known ceiling fan manufacturers continue to provide fans with shorter warranties. Thus Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fans have revolutionized the Indian ceiling fan industry and truly ‘Fan reinvented’ .

Superfan anticipated the potential wariness of consumers to try new technology.

To relieve the worry, Superfan turned their confidence in the reliability of its design to deliver value for consumers by offering 5-year warranty. This is significant as many popular ceiling fan brands still offer a lower warranty period for their fans.


5. Features

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