Is the ceiling fan you buy, fair to you and everybody else?

Superfan makes ceiling fans that strive to be fair to the consumers, the nation, and the environment.


Sensible Innovation

Ceiling fans earlier were negligent about power consumption, contributing to expensive electricity bills and pollution due to electricity generation, Superfan broke this stereotype in 2012 by inventing India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fans. This innovation replaced the inefficient AC induction motor of ceiling fans with Brush-Less Direct Current (BLDC) motor, which consumed less than half of the electricity while delivering the same airflow as a regular ceiling fan. Additionally, the fan was designed to have remote functionality with speed indicator, speed stability, inverter compatibility, solar compatibility, bold colors, plastic-free packaging, and so on. Superfan was the first to introduce many of these features that enhanced the customer experience of ceiling fans.  

Longer warranty

Superfan anticipated the potential wariness of consumers to try new technology. To relieve the worry, Superfan turned their confidence in the reliability of its design to deliver value for consumers by offering 5-year warranty. This is significant as many popular ceiling fan brands still offer a lower warranty period for their fans.


Superfan designed BLDC ceiling fans to be easily serviceable. Superfan’s BLDC ceiling fans and their replacement parts are priced (when out of warranty) in such a way that their consumers always have a better value throughout the life span of Superfan products.

Ceiling fans are long-lasting appliances, so their serviceability is vital. Additionally, to support consumers for Superfan’s BLDC fan service there are service centers in many places across the country.


Essential innovation

Superfan’s innovation of India’s first energy - efficient BLDC ceiling fans initiated a revolution in the ceiling fan industry setting the stage for conserving the energy wasted by the 40-crore inefficient regular ceiling fans across the country in 2012 to reduce the stress which was on the national electricity grid. Superfan played a part along with the government for the revision of  energy efficiency regulations in ceiling fans..

Technology independence

Superfan owns the technology and manufactures with probably the least import content of all the BLDC fans in India. This approach reduces our country’s dependency on import for energy-efficient technology.

Sustainable local business ecosystem

The raw materials for our energy-efficient BLDC ceiling fans are mostly procured from suppliers around Coimbatore to promote a sustainable local business ecosystem.

Indian innovation

The first BLDC fan in India was invented by Superfan, who owns 3 design patents making this new technology an Indian innovation. Apart from these patents, Superfan has made India proud in global forums like Global LEAP – U.S Department of Energy, Dupont Sustainable SolutionsInternational Design Awards- USA through awards and recognitions. These awards have created a space for India on the map of efficient space cooling technology among other prominent countries in the world. 

Wholistic solution

Superfan designs ceiling fans with a highly effective power factor correction circuit, resulting in the production of all BLDC ceiling fan models with high power factors. One of the Superfan patents is towards the design of this powerful corrective circuit.  Superfan reduces electricity waste to the national electricity grid than any other BLDC ceiling fan company in the market due to higher power factors.


Every BLDC ceiling fan avoids about 1 Kg of CO2 emission and 2 liters of water contamination every day conserving electricity, reducing the demand for more electricity generation by the coal-based method.

Due to this most BLDC ceiling fans are marketed as eco-friendly, but are they really eco-friendly?

Eco-friendliness extends beyond the product at Superfan, it is a way of life. Superfan consciously strives to reduce its carbon footprint throughout its operations.

Eco-friendly infrastructure

Superfan manufacturing unit is built with minimal impact to the surroundings such that it serves as a habitat for about 50 species of birds and small animals. The buildings of the factory are built with reusable bricks that required less amount of sand, cement, and water during construction. The architectural design has numerous passive space cooling and illumination elements to reduce energy consumption due to ceiling fans and lights. The design combines functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Eco-conscious manufacturing

In the manufacturing process of Superfan ceiling fan, plastics, harmful chemicals are avoided. The raw materials and components procured from the suppliers utilize sustainable packaging containers like cloth bags, metal containers, reusable plastic containers. Superfan uses semi-manual manufacturing processes to reduce energy consumption.

Plastic-free packaging

The packaging of BLDC ceiling fans of Superfan does not contain plastics or thermocol, which avoids about 250g of plastics compared to other ceiling fans in the market.

It is not perfect yet, but Superfan continuously improves its processes to be more sustainable and be fair to all stakeholders of the business. This intent stems from the conception of the idea of Superfan. Superfan was invented to replace all inefficient fans in the country through its technology to contribute towards a sustaining and habitable environment for future generations.  

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