Super Q

India’s first ultra energy efficient ceiling fan

Q-flow technology 330 CMM

Superfan with Q flow technology enhances comfort with improved efficiency.

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Audacious design

LEViT floating blades

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Patented BLDC motor technology

Super Q combines superfan’s famous patented BLDC technology with their new Q-flow technology.

This makes Super Q 30% more efficient than other BLDC ceiling fans.

Super Q

Family of fans 600-1500 mm

There is a Super Q for every room in your home.

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Shape that improves quality of sleep

A regular fan with aluminum blades produces a non-uniform airflow, which needs the motor to rotate the blades faster to produce desired airflow. The faster rotation results in unhealthy high-speed air, which upon long exposure are known to cause health discomforts like nasal dryness, muscle stiffness.

Our innovative Q-flow technology shapes the aluminum blades to deliver uniform laminar airflow eliminating health discomforts. The healthy airflow gives a wellness boost for overall health by improving sleep quality.

Shape that minimizes turbulent flow for quietness

A regular ceiling fan rotates at speeds over 350 RPM to deliver sufficient airflow. The high speed increases the turbulence in the air at the edges of the blades. This turbulence is the source of the sound from a fan. Super Q delivers the desired airflow at a lower speed thereby reducing the turbulence at the edges of the blades.

Shape that focus on thermal comfort

Airflow of a fan is the measure of air moved by the fan measured in cubic meter per minute (CMM). It has two components, volume of air moved and the speed of that volume of air. Typical high-speed fans move smaller volume of air at a higher speed to achieve sufficient airflow. Super Q shaped as per Q-flow technology moves large volume of air at optimal healthy speed to achieve the desired airflow. The large volume of air provides wider coverage of airflow around the fan.

Sustainability Beyond

Replace your fan with Super Q and avoid 2 Kg of CO2 emission every day

Superfan packaging does not use plastics or Thermocol, this eco-friendly packaging avoids about 250g of plastic pollutants. Superfan manufacturing intentionally minimizes the carbon footprint during the manufacturing process by utilizing reusable containers, maximizing manual assembly, utilizing local suppliers. Superfan manufacturing unit is built to be reusable, purposeful with minimal effect on the surroundings, that is home to about 50 species of birds and animals.

  • Eco-conscious manufacturing process
  • Eco-friendly Packaging

Ergonomic Design for comfort

New and improved T6 remote for utilizing the benefits of Q-flow

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