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Decorate your spaces to embody nature, style, and sustainability

Colorful modern design combined with powerful performance

Enrich your home with stylish models of Super X1 Deco series designer ceiling fans with remote. Save more than 56% electricity with style and comfort.

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Enrich your interior
with sustainable
wood finish ceiling
fan designs

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Complement your rooms with subtle ceiling fan designs

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Blend your ambiance with suitable
ceiling fan designs

Myriad of designs to suit the purpose, design and style of your interior.

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Customizable ceiling fan designs

Superfan personalizes ceiling fans with your own modern and themed arts and designs by UV printing.

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*Customization require 1 month lead time.
Please contact us to design your own ceiling fan.

Make a difference!

Replace your inefficient ceiling fan with Superfan BLDC energy efficient ceiling fans to avoid.

1.5 kg of CO2 emissions every day.

2 liters of water pollution every day.

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